4 Reasons you’ll fall in love with our Waxing Deals!

The all-natural formula Rica Wax

How about a waxing formula that also takes care of your skin? With the protective and anti-inflammatory properties of Zinc Oxide, moisturizing effects of beeswax, and the natural healing characteristics of essential oils, this product is gentle on the skin and the environment. Rica wax also brightens the skin, removes tan, and restores the skin’s natural glow.


The Painless Wax Miracle- Wax Beans

Curious about the secrets of flawless and long-lasting hair removal techniques? Wax Beans are all you need! This product is free of irritants and works wonders. The process is quick and unbelievably painless, making your life easier. The result? Smooth skin that lasts for a longer time, and you can delay those waxing sessions.


Light on the Budget

A trip to the salon may sound like an easy idea but why not go for the economical option: DIY!

Waxing kits at deliverr.pk are cost-effective and will save you those tiring trips to the salon so you can stay home and stay safe. At home, you can take many waxing sessions just with one purchase. As a bonus, you get to avoid unnecessary social contact and can be sure that the procedure is 100% safe, that too at the convenience of your home!


Easy to use

Whether you’re new to home waxing or are a pro, we’ve got you covered. When using Rica wax, all you have to do is prep the skin with a cleanser and apply the wax as per package instructions. For wax beans, just heat the wax and apply using the spatula; remove in one go when the wax cools.


Wax Bundles to check out

  1. Rica Wax, Wax Warmer, Wooden Spatula, and Applicator sticks

  2. Wax Beans, Wax Warmer, Wooden Spatula, and Applicator sticks


Some Additional Tips:

  • Treat your skin with baby oil or vitamin E oil after waxing for baby soft skin

  • Waxes don’t go well with broken or injured skin, so avoid using them on such areas for a better experience

  • Exfoliation of the skin 48 hours before the session gives smoother waxing results. Make exfoliation a habit to avoid ingrown hair growth

  • Practice makes perfect- the process becomes less time taking and painless with frequent waxing sessions

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