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Attachable Broom With Dustpan

Attachable Broom With Dustpan

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  • Simple to Adjust: Small Broom and Dustpan Set features a long pole design, which can be adjusted in length to make it fit your height by removing or adding the pole. Lightweight steel tubing can be attached to extend the pole up to 38"
  • Widely Used: No matter what kind of debris you need to clean up, this Broom and Dustpan can do the job. It works well on different types of floors and areas, such as the garden, lobby, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more.
  • 180 Rotation: This Broom and Dustpan Set features a 180-degree rotation function that allows you to clean under the bed, under the table, and any other tricky corners with ease.
  • Storage Easily: Because Dust Pan and Brush Set fits securely inside the dustpan and clips, it's easy to fold the dustpan up and upright, which makes storing behind a door very convenient
  • Comfortable Sweeping: This broom and dustpan set features a long handle design that allows you to sweep with ease, without bending over. The lightweight steel tube can be connected and adjusted to su

    Product description

    1. Broom and Dustpan Set with 180 Degree Rotation and Built-in Comb. This set features dense bristles that can sweep up dust and dirt easily.

    2. Broom and Dustpan Set can be connected to a lightweight steel tube for longer reach. The dustpan has a built-in comb that removes hair and debris from the broom. Ideal for indoor and garden use.

    Product Name: Broom and Dustpan Set
    Material: PP+PET+stainless steel
    A broom: Approximately 97*27.5cm/38.19*10.83inch
    Dustpan: about 26.5*26.5*87cm/10.43*10.43*34.25inch

    Product List:
    1 x broom
    1 x dustpan

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