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Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

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The baby nail trimmer safely and quickly trims and polishes little toenails and fingernails when it works in an electric grinding way instead of the traditional cutting way. It comes with 6 different grinding heads, yellow for 0-3 months baby, pink for 4-11 months baby, blue for more than 12 months baby, metal and white for nail polishing, and cylindrical grinding head for adult grinding. Lightweight, made with a one-button design and powered by 2pcs AAA batteries, portable and easy to use no matter on holiday or at home. This trimmer comes with a convenient travel case that doubles up as a stand.

  1. A safe and gentle way to trim your newborn or toddler's nails!
  2. Safely trims nails with a gentle yet effective oscillating action.
  3. Six Grinding Heads for Babies and Adults
  4. Built-In Light for Nighttime Use
  5. Cushion pads are specially designed for baby's little nails! Won't harm the surrounding skin!
  6. It comes with two power settings so you can control the speed!
  7. Includes four cushioned pads with different textures!

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