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Geometric Shapes Sorter

Geometric Shapes Sorter

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Wooden Geometric shape sorter contains 16 Pieces of total 4 shapes.

Each shape has four different colors.

The child has to pile the shapes in their proper place.

They have to follow the same color sequence in every shape.

It helps the child to develop their reorganization and sorting skills.

  • This is a fun activity for kids it helps them to learn about shapes.
  • Colorful geometric, help kids to recognize different shapes and changes of multiple by different color
  • The child can put the shape in the right place.
  • The shapes are placed on rods.
  • This activity helps develop shape recognition skills in your children.
  • This activity is made of wood.
  • The size of this activity is 2.6” x 11.5” (LxB).
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