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Muscle Relaxation Massage Gun

Muscle Relaxation Massage Gun

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Package Included:
1 x Muscle Massage Gun
4 x Massage Heads
1x Battery Charger
1x Instructions Manual
1x Exquisite Packing Box

4 Interchangeable Massage Heads
Forkhead: suitable for spine and neck

Flathead: suitable for relaxation and plasticity of various muscle parts

Bullethead: suitable for joints, deep tissue, and trigger points

Ball head: suitable for large muscle groups


 The massage gun is an ideal choice for professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or injured people to relax their muscles and recover quickly. Our professional massage gun is also suitable for the treatment of back pain, muscle ache, shoulder strain, long time sitting in the office, and other sub-health problems.

The muscle massage gun comes with 6 different speed options, supporting 2100-3600 beats per minute. Depending on the speed you select, the muscle massager gives you maximum muscle relief. Professional handheld percussion massager, equipped with brushless motor and silent noise reduction technology that brings high power but low noise experience.

 Our massage gun provides deep muscle relaxation with 4 interchangeable heads to target for all muscle groups. U head: for vertebrae; Flathead: for any parts of the body; Roundhead: for joints; Ball head: for a large muscle group. Choose the speed that best suits your needs and change the massage head to more precisely target different body parts and muscle groups. There is an instruction manual for how to switch heads and in which body parts should be used.

 The massage gun muscle deep relaxation built-in high capacity 2500mAh lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged at one time and can be operated for a long time with long battery life. A high-quality rechargeable battery ensures a fascia gun 3-4 hours using time. With AI smart chip, humanized intelligent interactive experience, press feedback system, according to the pressure to adjust the motor output power is safer.
【ONE-BUTTON OPERATION & EASILY HANDHELD】– Press the home button once to turn on, turn off or increase one level. With automatic protection function, the massage gun will stop automatically after operation for 15 minutes. Besides, the ergonomically designed silicone grip makes the massager device easier and comfortable to hold for your relaxation and prevents slips and falls from your hand. You can use the professional massage gun to enjoy your relaxation time at home, gym, office.

One Button Control, 6 Levels of Speed!
One button control: ON/OFF, switch of different speeds. (Note: If you'd like to pause it, you have to go to the highest speed, then it can stop. For more, please refer to our User's Manual.)

6 Speeds Choice for you, giving your muscles a deep massage. It is ideal for muscle recovery after exercise.

No Fancy Outlook, Simple LED indicating lights. One red light is on means Level 1; Two indicates Level 2, and so on.

Input Voltage : 100-240V, 30-53HZ
It is normal for the product to make a sound. Please feel free to contact us if there is any problem with our product, we will try our best to help!

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