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Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine + Dryer - Portable Mini Laundry Machine For Clothes Multi Color

Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine + Dryer - Portable Mini Laundry Machine For Clothes Multi Color

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  • Specification:
  • Product name: Large capacity portable washing machine (foldable)
  • Material: environmentally friendly ABS, electronic components
  • Product size: 27*26*26Cm
  • Color: green, purple, pink, blue
  • Power:40WAdapter : 9A
  • Capacity:6L
  • Feature:
  • Large capacity blue light washer and dryer
  • Side drain for easy drainage without pouring water
  • The bottom power cord is stored and wrapped around the pile cord, keeping the whole family refreshed.
  • The button can be rotated and folded, saving space, easy to carry out, lightweight and portable, low power consumption
  • Foldable design, convenient for storage, lightweight and attractive, can be put into luggage
  • Sorting clothes is healthier
  • Wash baby clothes, baby toys, underwear, socks, and towels separately to avoid infection of details.
  • Integrated washing and draining machine, dedicated drain basket, can be used with delicate clothes in conjunction with the draining process to gently separate the residual moisture on the clothes and prevent the clothes from being stretched and deformed due to violent dehydration.
  • Suitable for shirts, underwear, bras, children's clothing, socks and other clothing
  • Instructions:
  • 1. First unfold the folding washing machine, power it on, then add the clothes to be washed, laundry detergent and water, and close the lid.
  • 2. Secondly, because there is only one button in the entire body, after pressing the button, after powering on, press and hold to turn on the washing machine, the washing machine will enter standby mode, press it again, and the folding washing machine will start washing.
  • 3. Finally, since the material of the folding washing machine is resistant to high temperatures, when washing close-fitting clothes, you can safely add 70-80°C water to make the washing cleaner.
  • 1. Please don’t forget to turn off the power and unplug after use.
  • 2. Keep it in a dry area when not in use
  • 3.There is an error in manual measurement of thedimensions. We apologize for any inconvenience caused
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